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URL: https://www.afex.com



Claiming a heritage back as far as 1979, Afex aim to be an all-rounder in the money transfer market. They seem particularly active with business transactions, but they deal with with individuals as well.

Afex offer Foreign Currency Drafts, Wire Transfers, risk management tools and designated Account Executives


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Payment structure:

They say there are no charges for using their payment system, other than those associated with the transfer of currency. The exact fee you pay will depend on the destination and speed of your payments.

We think this could be made clearer.


Same Day Payments?

Afex say “same day transactions are available through the fastest, safest channels available”. We couldn’t find out if this is guaranteed, restricted to certain currencies, or other detailed information.


Minimum Transfer Amount:

We couldn’t find this information from Afex themselves. Other comparison sites offer conflicting information. Some say no minimum, and others say the minimum amount is $5,000.


Where You Can Transfer To:

Afex say “all major and many exotic currencies traded globally, except those embargoed internationally”.

Again – we think this is unclear.


Special Features/Benefits:

Afex are a member of the global SWIFT network. Offers dashboard to track your transactions.



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US State-specific license info:


For a full list, go here. https://www.afex.com/unitedstates/compliance_legal.php


Offices In: Australia, Canada, Channel Islands, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States



We’re waiting for this information to be officially provided


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