25 Jul

Easy FX

Easy FX


URL: https://www.easyfx.com/


Easy FX has been operating since 2004, and operating online since 2006.

They claim to offer a personable service, and offer a full range of services, including Spot, Forward Contracts, and Limits and Stops.


Free to open an account?


 Payment structure:

 They say “any transaction over £3,000 is entitled to a free international payment. Any payment under £3000.00 has an administration fee of £3.00”.


Same Day Payments?



Minimum Transfer Amount: £100, €100 (EU), or $100 (USA)


Where You Can Transfer To: Spain, France, USA, Portugal, South Africa


Special Features/Benefits

We’re awaiting information on this.




We’re awaiting more information on other accreditations.


US State-specific license info:

 We’re awaiting more information on this.


Offices In:




We’re awaiting information on this


Recent Headlines:

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