25 Jul

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

URL: https://www.foreignexchange.com/



Established in 2015, this company is relatively young. It’s a subsiduary of Gain Capital, which is far more established, having formed in 1999.

This company is more UK-based, so most information assumed you’re transferring money from the UK to other countries.


Free to open an account?  

We’re awaiting this information


Payment structure

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Same Day Payments? 

UK/US can be within two hours. However, some countries can take up to two days.


 Minimum Transfer Amount: £100, €100 (EU), or $100 (USA)


Where You Can Transfer To:

Over 26 countries – full list here. https://www.foreignexchange.com/available-currencies


Special Features/Benefits:

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We’re waiting for further information on this.


US State-specific license info:

 None that we can see.


Offices In:  




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Recent Headlines:  

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