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URL: https://www.hifx.com/



HiFX is part of Euronet Worldwide, which (together with Ria and XE) forms the 3rd largest money transfer business in the world.


Free to open an account?



Payment structure:  

There’s no information on this – and from such a large operator, we’d expect to see some transparency here before the signup/contact stage.


Same Day Payments? 

Again – we can’t see this information on the website, so we’ll await a response from HiFX themselves.


Minimum Transfer Amount:  

Once again, this information isn’t available.


Where You Can Transfer To:  

Over 170 Countries and 120 currencies. An impressive list, to say the least.


Special Features/Benefits:  



 USA: Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)

We’re awaiting further information


 US State-specific license info:

 We’re awaiting this information


Offices In:

US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain,




We’re awaiting this information


Recent Headlines:

 We’re awaiting this information


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